We want to help put the movement in worker’s movement

We’re starting off with a small weekend conference for union officials dedicated to organising and campaigning.

The conference will demonstrate the potential for a bigger, broader annual organising conference. It will be open to unpaid organisers and campaigners too.

Our goals

  • Develop and promote the crafts of organising and strategic campaigning.
  • Increase collaboration and unity within the workers’ movement and with community allies.
  • Share successful approaches to organising and strategic campaigning.
  • Be inspiring, educational, challenging, solutions focused and forward looking.

 Who are we?

In 2014 a small number of union organisers, including participants in the CTU’s 2014 Leadership Conference, got together to put a national conference together. There was a lot of interest but the 2014 election got in the way.

Help us make the conference a success. Join our Organising Committee.